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Fashionable Designer Dog Collars for Your Precious One

Red Dingo Designer Dog Collar Large

Red Dingo Designer Dog Collar

Available Online at:   Ebay

Designer Dog Collars for Small and Large Breed Dogs

Welcome!   Here we feature some stylish and trendy designer dog collars for your precious companion.

We provide images and links that we have selected for some of the more popular choices of items needed for your doggie.

You will be able to choose from items that are just cute, needed for their health, travel items, items to make them comfortable and more....

For instance one of the more popular fancy dog collars is the Red Dingo Designer Collar shown here to the left. And, the Lupine martiingale style collar shown below is a hit also.

Add a nice leash to go with that new dog collar or give them a new soft, comfortable bed to sleep on.

This page is dedicated to designer dog collars but please check out the other items here for your doggie before you go.

Crystal & Leather Dog Collar

Lupine Designer Combo Dog Collar

Crystal and Dobule Stitched High Grade Leather Dog Collar
Lupine Designer Combo Dog Collar - Crazy Daisy
  • This dog collar is made of double stitched high grade leather.
  • Polished chrome hardware with D Ring for easy Leash attachment.
  • Your precious one will look stylish in his or her collar with sparkling diamond rhinestones.
  • 14-inch fits neck size 10-12 inches.
  • Comes in more than 20 different colors.
  • Nice looking and sturdy collar.
  • All Lupine products are proudly made in Conway, New Hampshire and are Guaranteed, even if chewed.
  • Suitable for medium and larger dogs.
  • Features strong bar-tack stitching and welded D-rings.
  • A limited-slip martingale-style collar for walking and training.
  • Not recommeded for tie-out.
Available online at:   Ebay
Available online at:   Ebay   Walmart

Small Pink Leopard Dog Collar

Designer Dog Collar Double Thick Nylon

Sassy Dog WearAdjustable Small Pink Leopard Dog Collar
Hamilton Double Thick Nylon Deluxe Dog Collar
  • This Sassy small pink leopard dog collar is 5/8" wide and adjusts 10-14".
  • American Made Products: Made in the USA
  • Collar is soft, durable and is made of sturdy nylon webbing.
  • Quick-relese buckles.
  • Colors: Pink, Rainbow, Natural Leopard, White/Brown Leopard, Brown, Natural and Orange.
  • Matching leash and harness are also available.
  • This Designer collar includes nickel tongue buckle and D-ring to allow for easy tie out and with an extra keeper dedicated to ID info.
  • Most colors available in sized from 18 to 32-inch length.
  • This deluxe nylon dog collar is made with Hamilton commitment to quality.
  • Multiple colors and designs.
  • Constructed with custom dyed webbing to reduce fading and color bleeding.
Available Online at:   Ebay
Available Online at:   Ebay

Lupine Designer Step In Dog Harness

Large Reflective Orange Dog Collar

Designer Step In Non-Restrictive Dog Harness
Sassy Dog Wear Adjustable Orange Dog Collar
  • This designer dog harness has a non-restrictive design that removes pressure from the throat area.
  • Wraparound style; place a paw in each opeing; clip the buckle.
  • 3/4" wide; appropriate for the widest range of dogs, from Terriers to Sporting Dog breeds.
  • Features strong bar-tack stitching, welded D-ring and a custom designed side-release buckle.
  • Comes in a range of fashion-inspired patterns with matching leads also avialable.
  • 1" wide large reflective orange dog collar.
  • Keep you and your dog safe when walking or running at night.
  • Make sure hunters don't mistake your dog for a deer.
  • Soft, durable collar made of sturdy nylon webbing.
  • Large breed size Adusts 18" to 28".
  • Medium size adjusts 13" to 20"
  • Small size adjusts 10" to 14"
  • Made in USA
  • Other styles and colors available.
Available Online at:   Ebay   Walmart
Available Online at:   Ebay

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Bringing A New Dog Into Your Life

A dog, be it a puppy or older dog, is a great addition to anyone's life.  Taking time to properly welcome your new companion and train it will bring you a well-adjusted and well behaved dog for years to come.

Here are some tips to help you welcome your new arrival:

  • First, welcome your new dog to your home.  After all it will be their home also and they need to feel comfortable in it.  You don't want to overwhelm him or her by having a swarm of people greeting them at the front door but you do want to introduce the dog to all of the family members as soon as possible.  Plus, if you have others who come to your home frequently, like housekeepers or gardeners, you will want to include them in the "get to know each other" event.  Have each person kneel down and shake hands or pet the dog while quietly talking to it. Be sure that the children get to meet the new dog while the parents are watching.  Caution the children not to be jumping around or overly loud to start out.
  • Pre-purchase appropriate supplies.  Decide where your new dog is going to eat and where they are going to sleep.  Set up his or her area before they arrive.  Have their water bowls and food bowls set in their eating area and have their dog bed or dog house setup and ready for them to sleep.  Introduce them to their area.  Say this is your bed or house and pat it or point to it.  You will also want to pre-buy a dog collar, walking leash, dog shampoo and grooming brushes.  Don't forget some toys and chew bones.
  • Assign responsibilities for your new dog.  Set up a good walking and feeding schedule and make sure that someone will be available to do both of these things.  Dogs typically need to be walked about thirty minutes after they eat for sure.  But, they need daily exercise throughout the day.  If you don't have a fenced in yard or live in a rural area with a large yard then you will need to plan time to walk them on a leash for 15 to 30 minutes at least a couple of times a day.
  • Get started with training right away. You can use a fairly large empty room or an outside area that is free of distractions.  Try to train around the same time every day.  Take a ball and some treats and bond with him or her through some play and some basic vocal tones.  Words like "good boy" or "bring it back" are good for starters.  Your dog will begin to know that you can be trusted and in charge.  He will also begin to find you to be a likeable master.
  • Most of all just love him or her.  Most dogs just want to be loved and to love you back.  They want to protect you and the family and once they have bonded with you and the rest of the family they will give their lives for you.  They want to greet you when you come home with a happy face and wagging tail.  They want to be your loving companion.  Simply respect them for that and give them the good care that they are willing to give to you.

Buying A Dog Collar

Be sure and get the right size collar for your dog.  It needs to be a little loose but not so that it will slip off over their head.  If you have taken in a puppy then don't forget that it will grow quickly.  You can try to get a collar that you can expand for some of that growth but know that you will probably have to buy a larger, maybe stronger collar as they get older.  Please check how tight their collar is becoming often.  With all the hair it is sometimes hard to know that they have outgrown their collar.

A couple of years ago I found a stray who someone had simply tied a leash around their neck and it had become embedded into her skin so much that there was a lot of infection and the vet had to perform surgery to cut out the leash.  It took stitches all across the back of her neck and treatment with antibiotics for the infection.

Just a word of caution to be vigilant about your dogs growth and their ability to quickly outgrow their collars. 

Free Reports

Reports are in PDF format. You will need the free Adobe Reader to open and read these reports.

Simply right click on the link and select Save As:

5 Dog Training Myths

Basic Dog Training

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