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Healthy Dog Skin and Coat

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Pet Naturals Skin and Coat

Pet Naturals Bone Shaped Chews

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Dog Skin and Coat Health

What Pretty Hair You Have .  Keep your dogs skin and coat healthy and attractive.

A lot of dogs have skin problems. They have allergies to carpet and other things in todays environment that is not found for dogs in the wild.

In addition, a dog's improper diet or health problems of some kind can cause a dog to lose that silky, soft coat that they seem to be born with as puppies.

You can do a number of things to help ensure that your dog has a healthy skin and coat well on into their twilight years. If your dog has developed a sensitive skin or a lack luster coat you can also reverse this situation with some changes in their lifestyle.

Check out some of the coat and skin care solutions presented here. You may also want to visit the page on dog beds and hip and joint remedies before you go.


Premium Edge Dry Food for Adult Dog

Vetericyn Wound and SkinCare

Dry Dog Food for Sensitive Skin
Wound and Skincare for Dogs
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Click to purchase:   Ebay   Walmart

The First Aid Companion for Dogs & Cats

Safari De-Matting Comb for Dogs

First Air Companion for Dogs
De-matting Comb for Dogs
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Click to purchase:   Ebay   Walmart

Earthbath All Natural Shampoo for Dogs

Grizzly Salmon Oil All-Natural Dog Supplement

Earthbath Shampoo for Dogs
Salmon Oil Dog Food Supplement
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Click to purchase:   Ebay   Walmart


Carrying for Your Dog's Skin and Coat

Pet Naturals Bone Shaped Chews for Skin and Coat

  • Supports Coat Luster, Sheen and Proper Skin Tone
  • Helps Minimize Shedding
  • Contain Antioxicants to promote skin health
  • Helps Strengthen Hair Shaft and follicle
  • Good for dogs with common food sensitivities
  • A tasty treat for dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds

Vetericyn Wound and Infection Care

  • Fights Infections - Kills 99.999% of Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi
  • Does not contain harmful steriods or antibiotics
  • 100% Non-Toxic and pH Neutral
  • Speeds Healing
  • Use on skin abrasions, lacerations, minor irritations, cuts and intact skin

Safari De-matting Comb For Dogs

  • Suitable for use on breeds with medium to longhaired coats
  • Especially good for coarse or long, matted coats
  • Blades can be reversed for left or right handed use
  • Recommended by professional groomers




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